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You Are Not My Competition

Written By: Lauren Howard

You are not my competition. 


Even if you’re in the same field that I’m in, providing the same services, we’re not competition. 

I have no desire to take the business that puts food on your table, even if I also need to have food on my table. 

We can both eat. We can also build longer tables and invite more people to hang out.

There is enough to go around. 

I have a women’s community. There are a fair amount of women’s communities. Guess what? We need more. We need women and femmes to have places where they feel comfortable and seen, and if you want to build one too, I support you. If you already have one, I support you. I will hype you. I will share your information with everyone that it applies to even if that means they come hang with you and not me. 

I run a telehealth company and I advise telehealth companies. Guess what? We need more of them. We need more of them who work with other consultants who aren’t me, who have clinical ops people who aren’t me, who make more options available to MY patients. We need that. We need more accessibility, not less because I'm worried that my patients might like you better. 

The people who want us to believe that everything is competitive are the same people who have had control of the market and their own destinies for-ev-er. They benefit from in-fighting because it means that few of us believe we can succeed. 

Um, candidly, screw that. 

You’re here and I’m here and we’re going to be here together and can I help you be here because we need you here.

I'm scooting over. Grab a chair.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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