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Welcome to our space in the clouds, The High Rise.  This is a community built for women, Two-Spirit, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women in the working world. 


We represent professionals who are looking for a non-curated version of professional social media.  It’s where we share both our wins and losses, our good days and bad days, our triumphs and our tribulations.  It’s where we can learn from diverse voices and experts in our fields who have been where you are and know the way out.  We’re so excited to have you!


This is the place for all women to speak and be supported, validated, and respected for every aspect of who we are. 



A safe haven
for women. 
All of them.

Join our members!


Develop long-lasting friendships, support other phenomenal women and expand your network.


Personal development is a vital part of individual growth. Grow at your pace with online courses.


Imagine your own personal

fan club rooting you on and celebrating your wins. It's what your life is missing.

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"I'm genuinely happy to support. More people need to open their ears to your thought process, it could help them so much!" 

Kimberley Buchanan, Operations Management

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What's included:

  • Private THR Heartbeat Channels - Join our more casual socializing venue.  A funny, wicked smart, caring network of #teamdifficult women who support, challenge, and uplift one another. 

  • Enrollment in all elletwo led courses and events - Yep, both our stand-alone and multi-part series are included as part of your membership.

    Cheesecake, anyone?

 Our team reviews each application manually to keep this space safe, friendly, and bot-free. 

$29.99 per month - for a short time!

Want to be the first to know when The High Rise opens up membership again? Sign up below!

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