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Is Tele-mental health equally effective as in-person treatment? The disruption caused by the #covid19pandemic in mental healthcare may not have been completely resolved by simply substituting #telemental health care for in-person care, but it did work for a lot of people. 


5 Questions with... 

“5 Questions With” is an ongoing series featuring kickass entrepreneurs, community leaders, and other superheroes hosted by Ann Landis.

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LIVE with Calista Phair

Calista Phair, Talent Fairy Godmother 🧚🏽‍♀️ | MLT Diversity Regional Mid-Atlantic Manager| HBCU Relationship Optimizer| Corporate Trainer| Talent and Human Consultant|  hosts "Take the Blinders Off' featuring L2. 

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Thriving Practice with Tracy Cherpeski

ElleTwo discusses transforming healthcare with Tracy Cherpeski on the Thriving Practice podcast.




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