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Let it all out, boo! We got you!

Animated phone with kissing lips.

We know. We've been there.

You're so mad!

You just want to yell at someone, 

but you don’t have anyone to yell AT! 


Now you do. 


Click below. 


It's free if you consent for redacted social media use or just $2 if you want to keep it between us. 


Scream into our voicemail. 

We won't say a word! 😉

By clicking “Buy” you’re
acknowledging and consenting
to the above information. 

 How It Works 
It's a two step process


Pick "Social Media Ready" (with voice changer and redaction) or "Keep It Confidential."

Click buy and check out!


Phone rings.  Enter your order number.




 Either option, no one but us will know it was you. 
(We'll keep your secrets unless you commit some kind of felony. In that case, we're singing like canaries. Just to be clear. )

 Ground Rules: 
Raise your right hand and read these out loud.





Sex is great, but have you ever told your toxic boss what you think about them? 



All the cool kids are screaming into it.
It’s like really loud self care. 

by elletwo

Welcome to

The Void
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