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Want to write for elletwo? 
Check out our submission guidelines!

Thank you for your interest in being a content contributor for elletwo! Please read this entire page before sending us your submission - it includes guidelines and tips to help you! 😊 These are our updated guidelines as of March 20, 2023.

To be very transparent about our process - submitting a draft, writing sample, or pitch does not guarantee publication. We recognize the time and energy that goes into writing your post, and so we offer three options for submissions:

Option 1: Share a previous writing sample (min. 400 words) for review, and if accepted, you will move forward with drafting a new post to be published on the elletwo blog.

Option 2: Submit a pitch in a document that includes the below information. If accepted, you will move forward with drafting a new post to be published on the elletwo blog. 

  • Potential title for your post

  • Content type from the below list

  • Explain why you’re the right person to write about this topic 

  • Link to your Linkedin profile, website, etc.

  • Link to a writing sample or include it in the body of the document (min. 300 words)

Option 3: Submit a draft for review and if accepted, we will copyedit and proofread it before publishing it on the elletwo blog. 

All approved drafts will be copy edited before publishing. Submissions may be edited for clarity and length, but you as the author will have approval rights on any major changes made.


  • All posts must be original content and include a title

  • Posts must be at least 600 words and no more than 1200 words

  • Posts must fall under the below content types (more than one can be chosen)

  • Posts should include a brief author bio at the bottom

  • Published content cannot be reused elsewhere without written permission from elletwo

  • Content contributors will sign a content agreement before their post is published 

  • By agreeing to write a post, you also agree to share your blog post 3 times, linking elletwo in each post and using the following hashtags: #elletwo #teamdifficult #redefiningprofessionalism #thisaintyourfathersprofessionalism. People love reading our contributors’ posts, and distribution works best when it comes from the source

  • Payment per post is $50 via Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp at the end of the month after the piece is published 

    • Payment can also be donated to a charity of your choice 

Content Types:

Below is a list of our content types for the elletwo blog. You will need to choose the content type for your post (more than one can be chosen) when submitting.

  1. Narrative → Tell a story

  2. Listicle → ex. eight things to know about ___

  3. Advice to someone else → ex. your younger self, someone starting out

  4. Myth Busting

  5. Educational → Teach us something

  6. What you probably don’t know about ______.

  7. A conversation with ______

  8. Explain it to me like I’m a third grader → Use data and numbers to support your explanation.

  9. Writing sample for consideration

  10. Writing pitch for consideration

Submitting your writing sample, pitch, or draft

  1. Submit a writing sample: Submit via the link below and check the content type box, “Writing sample for consideration”. You can either share a link (if your work is online) or upload your document, titled: Your Name_Writing Sample.

  2. Submit a pitch: Upload your document via the link below, check the content type box, “Writing pitch for consideration”, and title your document: Your Name_Writing Pitch. 

  3. Submit a draft:  Upload your draft document via the link below and title your document: Your Name_Blog Post Title.


In order to receive a reply from our team, please follow all instructions above. Thank you again for considering elletwo as a place for your story. We are excited to hear from you!

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