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I’m There

Written By: Lauren Howard

If you ever need someone to hype you up, I’m there. 

If you’re going out to buy your first dress, and you need someone to tell you that you look amazing and so, so happy, I’m there. 

If you’re perusing a new department for the first time and need someone to remind you that you belong, I’m there. 

If you want to cut your hair short or grow it out or get extensions or do something that feels right to who you are inside but you’re scared because it’s new to you, I’m there. 

If you’re figuring out who you are or getting comfortable with it for the first time and you need someone to tell you that you’re magical, I’m there. 

Every time. 

You ARE magical. Being you is magical. Being supported is magical. 

I will be your one-woman hype squad, or I will call in ALL THE FRIENDS and get you a whole army if that’s what you want. 

You tell me. 

We draw the line at one thing. You don’t need bangs. Self-expression is incredible but bangs are a sign of existential crisis. Gimme the scissors and let’s talk first. 

I love you for who is inside and if you’re ready for that person to be on the outside too, I gotchu. 

Or if you just wanna tell someone that person is there but isn’t ready to make their debut? 

I gotchu for that too. 

You need me? I’m there. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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