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We Are Done with Brilliant Assholes

Written By: Lauren Howard

We are done with brilliant assholes.



We need to evolve beyond tolerating bad behavior or extremely toxic personalities in the name of high output or good ideas.

I would rather work with an ordinary kind person than an abusive visionary any day.

Brilliance does not excuse away toxic behaviors. You are never so smart that you get to bypass humanity.

While one good idea can float a company for a bit, the toxicity of one person can sink all of it in no time flat. The ripple effect is endless. Whether the person is the leader or a member of the team who is permitted to create disruption, the end result is the same. Enabling the behavior destroys teams and takes companies down with it.

No more walking on eggshells.

No more managing around toxic people.

If you talk about one person more than you talk about critical projects, that distraction needs to be addressed.

Companies should not succeed at the expense of employees' mental and physical health.

Positive culture is the practice of actionable empathy, and it’s not optional. It’s vital.

We are done with brilliant assholes.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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