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It’s Not Just You

Written By: Lauren Howard

Hey you.

Yeah, you.

You know that thing that is taking up space rent-free in your brain? That thing that you’re sure is just you and no one would understand?

I can confidently say, it’s not just you.

It is rarely, if ever, just you.

Here’s the thing: Isolation lies to you. It tells you that you’re the only one and no one has ever been where you are.

It compounds already stressful situations by creating the thought that no one else would understand when, in reality, a lot of people understand.

No one else has ever been certain that their leadership isn’t giving them the whole story.

No one else has ever worried about the rumblings that they’re difficult because they spoke up about how something we being handled.

No one else has ever had a new baby they loved desperately but didn’t like very much.

No one else has ever felt like they had to split themselves into pieces to be the employee that was needed at work and the parent that was needed at home and never the twain shall meet.

No one else has ever wondered if their great job on paper isn’t right for them. 

No one else has wondered if their healthcare provider even heard a word they said.

No one else has wanted something other than to work and pay bills until you die.

No one else has ever thought that . . .

No one else has . . .

If I have learned anything in the last several years, it’s that we think it’s no one else because we don’t talk about it.

We don’t talk about the ways that our jobs affect our mental health and how balancing everything is nearly impossible and how not being corporate isn’t something to be ashamed of and and and . . .

Isolation lies.

Even if you feel like you have to listen to it, I assure you that talking about it with someone safe will make that voice shrink.

It’s not just you. We just don’t talk about it openly.

So let’s talk about it.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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