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Send Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Written By: Lauren Howard

I people-ed all day yesterday. 

For real life. 

The introvert that needs to not hear another person breathe for at least a decade has arrived. 

The notifications have been turned off. 

The stimulation is down to a minimum, and that’s still too much. 

You're thinking too loud. I CAN HEAR YOU THINKING. 

The likelihood that my hair might stand on end if anyone comes within a 10-foot radius of me is high. 

Even my fingernails are socially exhausted.

My schedule is packed because I was out of the office yesterday, and this feels punitive. 

I am physically here, but my social skills did not make the commute down the stairs and into the office today. They are still in bed.

Send noise-canceling headphones, a puppy to pet, a weighted blanket, and a crispy Coke. Rations are necessary to make it through the day.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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