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Nothing Can Truly Describe the Joy

Written By: Lauren Howard


Nothing can truly describe the joy that comes with realizing that your stupid little brother is about to wife someone who is FAR too good for him in every measure. 

Literally, there is nothing in the world that could have prepared me for this. 

I tend to be elated at the little things in life while hedging about the big things. I am entirely untrusting when life brings good news, and the kinehoras are always looming over me (iykyk). I don’t believe it until the contract is signed and even then, I’m waiting for something to go wrong. 

But here? There is nothing to go wrong at all. 

If I could have picked the perfect person for my brother, and believe me, I considered taking all of his apps away and just doing it myself, the person I designed wouldn’t have even come close to the person he gets to marry. 

She’s better in every way. 

He still sucks, tho. 

Today, I get to stand up as his Best Man at the little courthouse wedding that is just what they wanted. 

We have matching suits. And sunglasses. And unicorn adornments as an homage to our dad. And I have great shoes that look like I stole them out of a 1997 Delia’s catalog. And there are pigs flying on his socks because that’s about when we thought anything like this would ever happen. 

He came to my house a few months ago, totally in disbelief that he was even thinking about asking someone to marry him. He swore he would never get married, and then this girl shows up and now all of a sudden he’s like, maybe? 

“Yep,” I said. “You say no to all the stupid things that we’re told that we’re supposed to do until you meet the person you want to be stupid with forever, and then even if it still seems stupid, you kinda want in.” 

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up. I just have something in both of my eyes. 

L’chaim, kids. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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