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Written By: Lauren Howard

Yeah, I get that a lot.

Here's the thing, if you think women's rights are not an employment issue, then you don't think women are equal in the workplace.

And, here's something that will really blow your mind, did you know that there are people who have literally made women's rights their job?

I know, I know. Why would such an unimportant, not employment-related issue have people who get paid to focus on it, right?

They work in policy or law or HR or research or journalism or some aligned field and they specialize in pay disparities, elevating the voices of women, equity in the workplace, improving conditions, etc.

Related: I'm also releasing a line of women's rights NFTs.

You know . . . because they're imaginary.

(That's a joke. Don't @ me Crypto Bros.)

Anyway, these discussions belong here because women belong here. It's not political. It's not personal. It's half of the population.

I've got an inbox full of women who tell me daily that they are made to feel like they have to work harder, do more, and be more impressive than their male counterparts, and that, my friend, is both an employment and a women's rights issue.

No sarcasm font detected.


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