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Which of My Team Members Have College Degrees?

Written By: Lauren Howard

I have no idea how many of my team members went to college. 

Or where. 

I vaguely know where they have worked before. I’m sure we’ve talked about it at some point. 

No idea if they’ve voluntarily taken sabbaticals or had job gaps that were unplanned. 

I have no idea because it doesn’t matter to me. 

I’m sure there was some reference on their resumes, but the 0.15 seconds I spent looking at that is not going to cement in my brain. 

There are some jobs that require licensure. Please go to the appropriate schooling for those. I’ll check for that because duh. 

But the rest of it? Proud of you for putting in the work, but in my experience, it doesn’t make you a better employee, a smarter person, or a more reliable team member. 

I have hired people with ALL the right skills on paper who didn’t make it through the first week. I have hired people who were technically too green to know a dang thing who were running their teams in no time. 

You need critical thinking skills. I can teach almost everything else if you have those. 

I am never impressed by a resume. I am often impressed by people, and rarely for anything that jumps out on paper. 

Which of my team members have college degrees? 


You’d have to ask them. I don’t care.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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