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Space Expands. Fill It.

Written By: Lauren Howard

If you’ve ever been called difficult for having an opinion.

If you’ve had to work on smiling more so people don’t find you intimidating.

If you’ve watched your work get shot down and then reintroduced as someone else’s innovative idea.

If you’ve felt like you have to do twice the work for 10 percent of the credit.

If the only way to make progress was to plant the seed of what you were trying to do so someone else could think it was their plan.

If you’ve missed work with a made-up excuse so they wouldn’t think you were less committed because you have a family.

If you’ve been told to “tone it down” to get more people to like you.

If you’ve hidden parts of yourself as unprofessional when really, they were just not traditional for white males.

If you’re worried that wanting kids would make you less employable.

If you’re worried that not having kids would make you seem less reliable.

If you’ve been passed over for someone with less to show on their resume but more y-chromosomes on their genetic make.

Hey there.

I see you.

You’re not too much. They’re not enough.

Space expands. Fill it.

Professionalism is an oppressive trope designed to make everyone fit into the standard of a 45-year-old white, cis male, so disregard that advice.

Better is out there when you decide that you’re worth it, and I assure you, you are.

Oh, and you’re not difficult. You’re Team Difficult. There’s a difference.

You’re not too loud. You’re not too opinionated. You’re not too inflexible. You’re not too motivated. You’re not too uncommitted because you have a life outside of work.

All of those ideas were created so that you wouldn’t stick around long enough to change the broken system.

Reject those.

You will not find the key to success in any of those things.

All of you is welcome here. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not.



Founder & CEO at elletwo


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