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I Support You in Being a Human

Updated: Mar 12

Written By: Lauren Howard

If you apologetically show up to a meeting with me with kids screaming or a dog barking in the background, I’m going to be unhappy.

Not with you.

With the fact that we had a culture that hasn’t gotten past *waves arms* all of that.

Apologizing sets the tone that you’re doing something wrong and that your situation lends to something to be sorry for.

We have lived through more than three years of global trauma. If we can’t tolerate the idea that humans exist outside of what they’re joining a Zoom for, we have bigger problems than meeting etiquette.

The lines have been blurred, my dudes, and anyone who expects otherwise is probably not going to enjoy working with me.

What? You are a human with responsibilities outside of work?

Life is imperfect and personal commitments sometimes bleed over into the workday?

Your non-human companion doesn’t understand the importance of hard work and DARES to have instincts while you’re talking to someone as important as ME?

Yeah, no. We good here.

There is one other thing about that situation that will make me upset though.

If you have a pet who is making noise and I don’t get to meet said pet, there will be words.

Those words will mostly be, “What is their name?!” and “I wanna seeeeeeeeee.”

And then we’ll do the work we scheduled the meeting for with ease because I know you’re a human and you know I support you in being a human. We’ll get the things done with the same level of professionalism as we would in any other environment.

Suits, ties, beige, and silence don’t make you a professional.

Getting the job done with skill despite otherwise imperfect situations makes you the consummate professional. I don’t care what you’re wearing or where you’re sitting or what color your hair is.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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