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Life Is Wild

Written By: Lauren Howard

Sometimes you’ve having a hard day. 

And you think that, no matter what, this is going to be a hard day.

And then your phone rings and it’s the person who brought you your first Great Dane a few months ago. 

And he says that he drove five hours to Orlando to bring a dog to someone who ghosted him. 

And he says he’s by your house and asks if you want to meet the dog because he’s really sweet and just needs a home. 

And you meet him and he looks like the bullmastiff you had growing up and he curls up in your lap immediately. 

And then you end up with another 40-pound, three-month-old puppy who is going to be low-key 200 pounds and who follows you around and spent the whole night snuggled up to you and has lowered your blood pressure by many, many percents. 

Pictures to come. Name tbd. Life is wild, man.


Founder & CEO at elletwo

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