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It’s Never “Just Business”

Written By: Lauren Howard

I have one piece of business advice. 

It requires no business skill whatsoever. 

Do what's right by the humans who are in front of you, and the rest will come out in the wash. 

Occasionally, you get screwed over. 

Sometimes, the person doesn't appreciate it. 

Once and again, it doesn't pan out the way you hoped. 

But on balance? It comes out in your favor in the long run. 

You can't track it one to one. You can't do the right thing today and expect that you will be immediately rewarded for it. That's both because it doesn't work that way and your motivation shouldn't be the reward. 

The reward comes, though. It doesn't come without hard times, low periods, challenges that you have to fight through. When you look back, you'll see the failures and the struggles, but you'll mostly see a net gain that you only have because you did the right thing when it mattered. 

It's never "just business."


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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