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We’re Doing This

Written By: Lauren Howard


Well, technically eight. 

That's the number of eyeballs that have read my book. 

There are two more, technically four, that haven't put eyes on it yet but who have a link and will very soon. 


Deeeeeep breath. Deeeeeeeeeep breath. 

The part of me that is brave did not communicate with the part of me that is a giant, fragile chicken sh!t today. 

Or most days. 

It still feels insane to say that I wrote a book, much less that people have read it and have thoughts on it and that I have exposed my heart in such a way that people have immediate access to the roughest parts of it. 

That will never feel normal.

I have been pushing through the crushing fear because I made a deal with myself. Do it scared, but don't do it unsafe. When it starts feeling unsafe, we have permission to retreat, but the scared part can't stop us. 

So, um, I might be looking for a few more eyeballs. Not sets. Actually, eyeballs aren't required. You can use an e-reader if you need it. You know what I mean. This metaphor got messy. 


We're doing this.



Founder & CEO at elletwo


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