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I Share a Lot Here

Written By: Lauren Howard

I share a lot here.

But not everything.

And that’s probably good, right? This public space is where you kind find a combination of my biggest cheerleaders, my clients, my colleagues, and some of my oldest friends.

There are people here I know so well and some who I have never met, and yet they all know the same very personal parts of me because I choose to share them here.

Even with all of that and the fact that you can find my face all over social media, there are things that didn’t feel right for anything that already exists.

But I put them together and I want to share them with the parts of my community that want to go further down the rabbit hole on how we all got here.

That now exists on our site.

Artful Overshares, our new subscription program, is available on our website so you can read along more if you want.

There’s a free trial to give it a shot. Would love to know what you think.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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