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Admit When You Don’t Know Something

Written By: Lauren Howard

Do you want to be the most trusted person in the room?

Admit when you don’t know something.

I assure you that it works every time.

No one knows everything, even the most senior experts in their fields.

But if you want to make your word credible, you have to be willing to admit when you reach the limits of your knowledge. It’s not optional.

Saying that you don’t know the answer means that they can trust you when you do. It means that they know you won’t fill in an answer to take up the dead air and hear yourself talk.

It also means that you have trusted resources and that you’ll learn the answer when you don’t know.

You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know what you don’t know and be willing to fix it.

That’s the basis of trust.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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1 Comment

Amber Hammes
Amber Hammes
Sep 26, 2023

Absolutely. Only real idiots can't even SEE the problems. Oops, I HEAR IT NOW.

I Hank, you LAUREN.

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