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At Your Service – But Over Here, in Soft Pants.

Written By: Lauren Howard

I’ve seen a fair number of posts indicating that return to office is the future.

That remote options are really just in-office or hybrid in disguise now.

I thought about it really hard. I weighed the merits of each side.

I came to this conclusion.

Nah, bro.

We good here.

I don't care how it affects commercial real estate or if the offices are left unoccupied.

I have no plans for a future that requires daily hard pants.

I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars per month on gas, lose time with my kids, work without a dog on my feet, or give up my 30-second commute.

I won’t miss out on couch snuggles while catching an episode of Bluey or having random dance parties with my girls.

I won't give up quick walks around the block to clear my head, being barefoot most of the time, and pelting my husband with toilet paper rolls while he's not looking.

Long story, but it gives me joy. Don't judge.

Maybe someday I'll consider it if my name is on the outside of the building, but not likely before that.

I’m not more productive in an office. There is nothing that I do better in an office.

So, I’m here if you need me.

Literally here.

In this spot.

In my house.

In soft pants, likely with a kid on my lap, messy bun piled on top of my head, and getting more done every day than would ever be possible if you made me spend several of those hours on the prep work of just working in an office.

At your service.

But over here.

In soft pants.

Stars and kittens,



Founder & CEO at elletwo


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