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Professionalism Is a Weak Social Construct

Written By: Lauren Howard

If you show up to an interview with brightly colored hair or a sleeve full of tattoos, I’m going to have questions.

I mean, that’s understandable, right?

After all, this is a professional interview for a professional job.

Mostly, I’ll ask about your resume and maybe how your weekend was. We might chat about the weather or the other small talk type stuff that you cover when you’re trying to learn about someone. I’ll want to know more about your experience and situations that you’ve been in that mirror what we see every day.

I will probably also remark that I love your hair and if I could find the courage to bleach mine, it would be full-on purple. I might also point out that your tattoos are lovely, and if there are any special stories about them that you’d like to share, I’d love to know them. No pressure, though. I know those can be personal.

What you look like or the clothes you wear have zero impact on your ability to do a job. I could not care less.

“Professionalism” is a weak social construct that was created to turn everyone into 45-year-old white dudes. No thanks.

If you are capable and can do the job with empathy and kindness, you’re professional.

It really is that simple.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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1 commentaire

05 déc. 2023

Life would be so much better if you ran the world! 💜

(Well, for us, I mean. Probably not so much for you, lol.)

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