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I Don’t Want to Be Well-Known

Updated: Oct 25

Written By: Lauren Howard

I don’t want to be well-known.

I just want to be known by the people who need to hear the things that I say.

Because I needed someone to say them to me when I was struggling massively and thinking that it was all just me.

The women who have been called difficult for daring to have an opinion.

The femmes who have had trouble finding a place to call their own.

The people who have lived through corporate gaslighting and just assumed they were the problem because no one would say otherwise.

The ones who question their decisions because they are constantly questioned.

The ones who have been told to smile more, speak more quietly, and be less intimidating if they want to succeed.

Yeah, nah, bro.

I don’t need to be famous. I don’t WANT to be famous. I just need to reach those people so they know where to go to find, well, their people.

Those people? They're here. Come hang.


Lauren "L2" Howard

Founder & CEO at elletwo


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