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Unpopular Opinion: Titles Matter

Written By: Lauren Howard

Unpopular opinion: titles matter.

You won’t convince me otherwise.

And not in a “be-self-impressed-tell-everyone-and-get-it-embroidered-on-your-lapel-and-printed-on-your-car-way.”

Though, if that’s your thing, sure.

Maybe they don’t matter for your current company or your current role, but if you think they don’t matter for you personally, you’re not considering the long game.

I have seen companies that claim they don’t care about titles and also do not care about actually paying someone what they are worth for the work that they’re doing.

Listen, money matters. If you’re being paid well, that’s great. If you’re comfortable not getting the title for the work you’re doing, that’s also fine. It’s your choice.

But are you going to retire from that role? Are you ever going to need your job history to speak for you on a resume or a profile?

There is a difference between SVP and VP.

There is a difference between a lead and a director.

There’s a difference between a manager, which is what most leaders are functionally, and so many other things.

And if there is a difference between the job you’re doing and what is on your business cards (do people even have those anymore?) then that’s a problem.

It’s not necessarily a problem for your current role if you’re content, but it could be a problem for future growth.

And, you know what, I take that back. It IS a problem for your current role. If you’re doing the job, you should be both compensated and acknowledged for it.

They are as lucky to have you as you are to have the job and the responsibility.

So titles matter, especially for women and Women of Color who are more likely to be underemployed and overlooked.

This is not about inflating your importance to strangers and being impressed with yourself. It’s about getting the recognition you deserve now so it can serve you in the future. It’s about not being taken advantage of.

It’s not about elevating yourself above other people. It’s about elevating yourself to where you deserve to be.

I talk to so many women every day who are doing the work of ten people and getting the recognition of half of one person. They aren’t looking to be elevated over anyone else. They’re just looking for the strength and self-confidence to believe they deserve all of it—including the pay and the title.

And they do deserve all of it. You deserve all of it.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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