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This One Is for the Lurkers

Written By: Lauren Howard

This one is for the lurkers.

The ones who scroll by without engaging, either because they are too shy or they don’t want someone to see, or because they have good reasons for why they keep to themselves.

I know you’re there, mostly because you show up in my views but not in my comment section.

I just want you to know that you're really the reason why we're here.

Engagement is wonderful, but the number of people who send me messages saying they have been following for a long time but I have never even seen their names blows me away.

I love those messages. They’re usually from kind people who identify with something I said, which often means they’ve been through something hard or difficult. Those shares fill me with feels and determination to keep doing this every day.

So if you’re there, hanging out, reading and not responding, I see you. Kind of. And I like you.


You can say hi in the comments or in my inbox or in my email.

Or you can just show up as views and keep your internet distance.

Either way, thanks for being here.

And don’t be a stranger. Or do. Whatever.

You do you, boo.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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