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This Community Fills My Heart

Written By: Lauren Howard

You guys. I have, like, four friends.

I'm painfully introverted and awkward.

It will never not be weird that I show up here to voluntarily distance people every day.

I cannot describe how strange this is for me to have built a following anywhere that doesn't include my kids and how much it absolutely fills my heart.

I'm not used to being the person with a community.

I'm not accustomed to being the person who is excited to interact with other people.

There are people who are digital-first communicators. We do better by phone or email or text. We don't need to be there in person to get the experience. We maybe don't even want to be there in person who get the experience.

We understand that pants are really just leg prisons, and you might be violating my rights by making me wear them.

Pre-pandemic, it was a running joke that I didn't leave my house because I don't like people. I have learned that I actually really like people, but I just like them on my terms.

All I did was start talking about the things that I have experienced in the workplace as a working mother, as a woman, as a builder. That's it. I talked about what I knew.

I guess I said it in a way that struck a nerve. And thus, #teamdifficult was born.

This community is incredible. This space is life-changing. You guys make me feel capable and smart and so many other things that I heavily questioned before I pushed outside of my comfort zone to start meeting people here. And you know what? I still question them sometimes. And then someone here knocks me back to center.

Community is where it's at, and if you're looking for some, we have lots of room.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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