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I'm Not the Only One

Written By: Lauren Howard

I run my mouth here.

A lot.

Sometimes it's rough around the edges and imperfect, but that’s okay.


Because I realized something when I left my job early last year.

I kept all of my insecurities and experiences and questions about what was happening to myself because it was definitely just me. No one else could be feeling how I was. No one else could think they were making it up as they went.

Everyone was just going to tell me to get over it and get my paycheck.

It was the same reason that I kept to myself about how much I was struggling after my second child was born. We wanted her so badly. She was a miracle. How could I possibly be desperate for literally anyone to come and take her for a while? Definitely just me.

It was the same reason that I didn't tell anyone that I was having nightmares at the beginning of the pandemic. I'm the only one reacting like this, right? Definitely just me.

Except then one day I posted about feeling insecure—feeling insecure about my job gap and my untraditional path. I felt insecure just posting it. And so many people responded sharing that they had been there too.

And I posted about the balance of motherhood and never feeling like you can be enough for everyone. I got the same response.

Then something else started happening. My inbox was filled with people saying that they felt like I was writing on their behalf. They had lived through the same things.

And I thought maybe, just maybe (and call me crazy) but maybe this wasn’t just me. It’s just that no one is talking about it.

So the mouth running started and hasn’t stopped yet, and as long as my inbox stays full of people who aren’t ready to comment publicly, it will continue.

Sorry, not sorry.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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