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It Really Can Be That Simple

Written By: Lauren Howard

I offered someone a job on the spot recently. 

I only knew her first name. It wasn’t even an interview.

She called me from an agency that we work with and let me know that there was a problem with the paperwork I had submitted. 

I explained to her that I had done the forms 20 times before and had never had this problem. She was direct, matter-of-fact, and talked a mile a minute. 

I loved it. 

She said there were some rule changes and updates on enforcement, and while they were correct before, they aren’t now. 

Then she told me how to fix them, gave me the resources for the rule changes, and gave me the exact wording to use on the updates. She walked me through line by line and verified that I understood. 

She had all the answers to my questions on very, very complex things that almost no one understands. I’m usually the one teaching people how to get them right and what the process is if they get them wrong. 

She was the first person I’ve met who knows the process better than I do. 

I love people who know things better than I do. 

We talked about how I have spoken with so many people from her agency and can’t get the same answer twice. She said it’s a huge problem because the company that staffs them is changing (which makes training nearly impossible), and she thinks she will be out of a job in the next few months. 

I wasted no time. 

“That email address you just read back to me? It’s also where you can send a resume. I need someone like you.” 

She stammered. 

“Wait, really? I have been applying to credentialing companies without a single response. I don’t think anyone is hiring for my skills.”

“I’m always hiring for your skills.” 

I don’t need 45 interviews and a blood sample to know she can do the job. She showed me she can do the job in less than five minutes. She knows things I don’t. That will make all of us better. 

It really can be that simple. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo

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