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If the Job Requires Hard Pants, I Don’t Want It

Written By: Lauren Howard

Listen guys.

I’ve thought about it and came to an important conclusion.

If the job requires hard pants, I don’t want it.

If the job means I can’t take quick Encanto dance breaks with my kids between meetings, I’ll pass.

If the job requires driving to get there, spending my money on gas and another vehicle, losing hours a day lollygagging in traffic, it’s not for me.

If the job thinks that being in-person all the time makes me better at my job, nah.

If the job doesn’t see the importance of the hours of my day lost to things that don’t result in better performance, then it’s not the right role.

Also, pants are leg prisons and we won't be hoodwinked into that kind of tyranny.

If you need me, I’ll be here.

At home.


And getting a heck of a lot more done.

You're allowed to decide what your non-negotiables are and build your life around that. Maybe it doesn't happen tomorrow, but you can make it a priority and work toward it. Is this for everyone? Nope. Is this for me? Abso-heckin-lutely.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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