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I Won’t Ask

Written By: Lauren Howard

If you’re a woman and you want to talk about starting or growing your family, I’m here. Let’s talk.

But if you don’t bring it up, I never will. 


And you should stop bringing it up with people who you don’t know intimately. 

And even then, you should probably think twice. 

It took us four years to get pregnant with my oldest. 

I laughed it off every time someone asked me when we would have kids. 

Laughed it off on the outside. 

Inside, I was crumbling. They had no idea how many doctors we had been to and how many websites I had read and how many negative tests filled our trash cans. 

They had no idea how much strain it was putting on our marriage and my ability to be effective at anything, not just that.

And it also wasn’t their business. 

I said that we were happy with puppies because you can put puppies in boxes when you leave the house but people frown upon it when you do that with babies. 

I said it hundreds of times, maybe more. 

It got people to shut up. It got them to lay off of me. It kept me from bursting into tears in public on the regular. 

One of our first coaching groups at LBee Health is for women going through infertility and trying to hold it all down. Infertility is isolating, scary, and overwhelming. We’re here to help. 

So if you want to talk about it? Let’s! I’m here!

But I won’t ask. 

And you shouldn’t either.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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