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What If, What If, What If?

Written By: Lauren Howard

Whathefah am I doing?

What if no one signs up? 

What if I don’t actually know what I think I know about this program?

What if the things that worked the first time we did this, ten years ago, don’t work again? 

What if, what if, what if? 

Those questions ran through my head like freight trains. 

My excitement and certainty about what we’re building doesn’t stop the imposter-y thoughts that are hard-wired into this brain of mine. 

The founder journey is not for the weak constitution. Even when I know we’re doing the right thing, I still worry about whether it's the right thing. 

All the time. 

We have salaries to pay. 

We have people to hire who will have more salaries to pay. 

How do we get ahead of things? How do we make sure we’re getting in front of the right people without breaking the bank JUST doing that? 

And on and on and on and on and . . .

The reality is that the worries make me good at what I do. It means I see around the corner, and I have backup plans on backup plans on backup plans. 

But you don’t get to plan for the worries without doing the worrying. 

That’s hard, even though it’s part of the process. 

This time is exciting. Seeing things come to life floors me on the daily. The hard parts are still hard, though, even when you’re all in on what you’re building. 

Send caffeine. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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