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I Want to Sell Socks!

Written By: Lauren Howard

I want to sell socks!

I yelled that into the phone the other night while talking to a dear friend who is always there when I need to have an existential crisis.

I don't actually want to sell socks.

But everyone knows what socks do. Everyone knows if they need them. They understand why you wear them, where you buy them, and what makes socks good or bad.

You don't have to explain to anyone what a sock is.

Explaining elletwo, our communities, our sponsorship programs, our partnerships . . . yeah, they're not socks.

I wouldn't trade it for the world, but sometimes I wish it were simpler.

If it were, though, we wouldn't need it. It is complicated to explain why women and femmes need a place on the internet where they can say the quiet parts out loud.

So I guess it's good that we aren't socks.

Though maybe some #teamdifficult socks are in order. That's not a bad idea.


Lauren "L2" Howard

Founder & CEO at elletwo


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