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I, uh, I Might Be a Writer, Guys

Written By: Lauren Howard

I have something to say.

It’s going to be shocking, but I hope you will stay with me through it.

I might be a writer, guys.

Like, I might have a voice worth writing in.

More than that, I might have a voice that I actually enjoy writing in.

I might want to write more than I do anything else in the world.

Okay. Not might.

I do.

I look for reasons to shut everything else off and write.

I look at everything from the lens of the story that can be told from it. I write and rewrite and redevelop in my head somewhat constantly.

I ran from this for years, not because I didn’t enjoy writing but because writing meant that I was admitting that I might actually be good at something and that I might actually want other people to consume it.

It was an admission of skill that felt presumptuous.

And with one little admission . . . a broken dam. Words that don’t stop flowing out no matter what I do.

Nothing feels as validating as someone telling me they appreciate what I put on the page.

Nothing feels as affirming.

Nothing feels as life-giving.

I might have been given only one skill in life because it’s the only one I need.

Maybe it’s time to stop looking for more.

I, uh, I think I might be a writer guys.

I would give up everything except my family if I could do it all day every day and still pay the bills.

I guess that’s probably all you need to know to confirm that you found your way.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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