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I Didn’t Get the Response I Expected

Written By: Lauren Howard

I didn't get the response I expected.

Not even close.

When I started sharing here about my experiences with toxic workplaces, burnout, and workplace gaslighting, I thought people would stay quiet or sympathetically say that they couldn't believe I went through that. 

That wasn't what happened. 

Instead, the posts and my inboxes were flooded with people telling very similar stories. 

I don't know why I started writing about it. I just had all of this built-up potential energy that was concentrated in my fingertips and I started tapping out words before I could do anything about it. 

The responses made me want to scream.

Why hadn't anyone told me that this happened? Why did I sit there feeling like it was just me for so long when clearly, it's all of us?

And then I realized it wasn't that no one told me. It's that no one had told . . . anyone. We weren't talking about it at all. We had been indoctrinated to believe that having a job was the prize and that we're supposed to just shut up and tolerate anything that comes with it. 

Yeah, no. 

A paycheck is not a permission slip for abuse. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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