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Don't Scam Job Seekers

Written By: Lauren Howard

I wish nothing but incurable jock itch to people who try to scam job seekers.

I wish that for them everyday, but today especially.

Seriously. People are just out here trying to earn a living wage and you’re trying to TAKE something from them?

Many, many four-letter words for you, jerks.

I need caffeine (and lots of it) to get through today.

There are four job postings on Indeed for a company that uses my company’s name.

I did not post these. No one on my team posted these. We don’t use Indeed for candidate sourcing.

Apparently, when you apply for the job, someone responds and asks you to download a chat app for your interview. This has been, understandably, making people wary, so they’re going to the website to verify that the jobs are real.

Spoiler alert: They’re not.

At first, it was a bunch of contact forms, which was annoying but manageable. Totally understandable and good for those people for doing their due diligence.

At some point late yesterday, people starting calling. And calling. And calling.

The job is posted as remote and available worldwide, so they were calling from everywhere. The number on the website was forwarded to my phone, so those calls started coming to me. When I say my phone has been ringing nonstop since 1 a.m., that’s not an exaggeration.

Normally, I would have just turned the ringer off and dealt with it in the morning, but as part of my ACTUAL JOB, we started managing 24 hour call for a specific patient population and this happened to be the weekend that I promised to have my ringer on ALL THE TIME so I could handle emergencies and system issues if necessary.

Those calls are infrequent, and we could go a whole night without one, but I still have to check every time the phone rings.


I tried to remove every place where I could find the phone number. I put a flag on the website for job seekers so if they come looking, they know it’s not from us. The calls continue.

All night. Into this morning. Every few minutes.

I am grouchy. And tired. And annoyed. And other words that I’m too tired to think of right now.

Send caffeine. And don’t try to scam job seekers or I’ll throat punch you when I find you.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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1 comentario

Linda Mullally
Linda Mullally
17 oct 2023

some of these scams are getting sophisticated. The biggest scammers to me are these “job coaches” who purport to double your income following their method all at the cost of $5k a month for 2-3 month “service”

Me gusta
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