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Can You Explain the Gap on Your Resume?

Written By: Lauren Howard

Can you explain the gap on your resume?

Oh, sure.

It meant figuring out that I am a whole person even without an impressive job title.

It meant days with my phone turned off after being on call for more than a decade.

It meant waking up early because I wanted to, not because I had to.

It meant late mornings watching Bluey with my kids.

It meant turning off the noise for days, not hours or minutes, at a time.

It meant being bossed around by the under 4-foot crowd instead of being responsible for a team of people I never met in person.

It meant sleep. So much sleep.

It meant making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my kids. It means creating a bedtime routine that I had never gotten to be part of.

It meant remembering that parenting is literally just figuring out food for small humans all the time and holy gosh that is so much work.

It meant having the space and time to figure out if our family was complete.

It meant doing a puzzle and letting my brain work while my hands were busy.

It meant looking at houses just because I like looking at houses.

It meant writing again just for me. Duh.

It meant the ability to organize again. To conceptualize again. To triage data and find solutions because my brain can be dynamic again.

It meant I’m me again.

It wasn’t a gap. Trust me, it was very, very full.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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