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We Got You

Written By: Lauren Howard

It won’t make your boss any less of an a$$hole. 

We’re supportive but we’re not magicians. 

Our incredible Chief Clinical Officer put it point-blank in a group, and I immediately wrote it down. 

Well, after I stopped laughing until nearly the point of tears. Also after I stopped crying actual tears while watching her do~her~thang so masterfully. 

These aren’t stuffy, boring, lecture-y groups. They’re real, honest, sometimes a little raw, often funny, really productive groups of smart people with incredibly different backgrounds who are all somehow in very similar places. 

I also now know not to take big swigs of water during groups because I could definitely choke. 

We can’t do anything about your boss. We can’t fix the situation around you. 

We can support you through all of it until you’re ready to figure out what’s next. 

We got you.

But not your boss. 

They may still be an a$$hole. 

But you? We got you.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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