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There Is a Gap on My Resume

Written By: Lauren Howard

There is a gap on my resume. I spent five months in the gap.

I'm fine with it.

2020 was hard, yo. I worked over 100 hours a week for a year. I was on call for everyone. We started calling Friday "New Monday."

I needed to sleep and see my kids and think about something other than the weight of an entire platform that needed me all the time.

But you know what?

After recovering (and burnout requires ACTUAL recovery), I woke up one morning ready to build again, and I realized that I only want to build with people who understand the value of taking time off, recharging, seeing your kids, and not being "on" all the time.

So the gap on my resume? It's probably the most important thing about my resume.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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