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Therapy Isn’t Always Necessary

Written By: Lauren Howard

Therapy isn't always necessary. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge believer in therapy, and I think everyone can benefit from it, but not everyone who is dealing with burnout needs therapy for it. 

Our groups at LBee Health aren’t therapy. 

They’re often led by therapists, but they aren’t therapy. 

Because sometimes that's not what you need. 

Sometimes you just need skills. 

Sometimes you just need education and support.

Sometimes you just need to be heard. 

Sometimes you just need to be validated.

Sometimes you just need to hear from someone else that it’s not just you. 

I can tell you that I needed to hear that. 

Man, did I need to hear that. I needed just one person to tell me that I wasn’t a broken toy held together by duct tape who was lucky to have a job. That the work I was doing was valuable, and that I would land on my feet.

But how could they tell me that? I would have to tell literally anyone that this was happening, and I didn’t. 


Because isolation lies, and I took the bait. 

Isolation begets more isolation as you get further and further into the things that it tells you, and it serves to benefit the environments that keep you isolated because it feels like there is no where to turn. 

There is always somewhere to turn. Now, there are a few more places. 


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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