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The Lies We Tell Ourselves About How Work ‘Just Is’

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Lauren Lefkowitz

You are a lying liar who lies to yourself. Yes, I am kicking this article off by calling you a liar.

I’m also here to tell you it’s not your fault.

Somewhere along your career, someone (or multiple someones) told you that you weren’t doing it right. You adapted. You worked harder. You blurred the lines between work and home. You decided you had limitations.

These are just a few of the lies we tell ourselves about how work just IS, the probable truth, and one action you can take for each lie:

Lie #1: I have never set boundaries at work; it’s too late for me to start.

Truth: Anytime is a good time to set boundaries.

Action: You didn’t get to a boundaryless work life in one day; shifting to a new way of setting limits will take time. Practice saying no to something small first.

Lie #2: I’m already in the middle of my career; I can’t pick something else now.

Truth: You are allowed to decide at any age and stage that your career doesn’t work for you anymore.

Action: Document your job…all the bits and pieces. Pull out the parts you like to determine how your favorite skills may also be your transferable skills.

Lie #3: My boss won’t promote me. I must not be good enough.

Truth: You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect. Perfect does not exist. Lots of bosses are toxic. Lots of bosses have no idea what they’re doing.

Action: Take a look at job descriptions from other companies and evaluate the level of work you are actually doing. You will probably find that you are doing way more than your job description.

Lie #4: I owe it to my company to stay because they have kept me here for X years.

Truth: Nobody is doing you a favor by keeping you employed. Companies

will keep you only for as long as you bringing them more value than they offer you.

Action: Make a list of everything you have positively impacted in your job; make a

second list of every way they have positively impacted you in the last year. What’s the balance?

It’s not too late to find an amazing new job, new career, or even new boundaries where you are currently. You have incredible, transferable skills, a multitude of talents, and a heart so big it could fill a stadium.

You are smarter, more capable, and more valuable than you give yourself credit for.

I believe in you. When will you be ready to believe in you?


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