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How Can We Dispel the Supermom Myth?

Written By: Lauren Howard

Supermoms don’t exist. How can we get rid of that persona?

Well, stop accepting it.

If you see a friend doing all the things and piling it all on without asking for help, ask her how you can help if you have the bandwidth. And not in the “I’m asking you in passing to be friendly” way. Call up your mom friend who is doing ALL THE THINGS and ask her how it’s actually going.

Yes, I know it’s busy. Yes, I know you’re amazing. Yes, you can do it all. But do you need to? No, really. Do you NEED to? And more than that, do YOU need to?

Take something if you can. Help them find someone who can if you can’t.

And if they’re not willing to offload, just give them a gentle nudge when they’re doing too much to make the idea more palatable.

Let them know you see them for who they are and not who they’re forced to be.

Oh, and if it’s possible to show up with a pizza and a hug when you know they’re buried and not asking for help, that’s not a bad idea either. You know.


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