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Don't Bring the Panic to My Doorstep

Written By: Lauren Howard

You know that feeling.

The phone rings or a message come through and INSTANT PANIC.

It’s that person. Maybe it’s a leader or a client.

Someone who reacts before knowing the information or makes “urgent” issues your problem.

And that panic? That feeling of tightening all over? The sense that everything in the world, inside and outside of your body, feels sharp?

I can’t do it anymore. And I won’t.

Academic panic is no longer part of my repertoire. Unless there is something serious happening to my kids, my family or someone I care about deeply, don't bring the panic to my doorstep or my phone line.

It literally made me sick. The chest tightening and the shallow breathing that comes with it gave me a cough that lasted years and has only gone away now that I have worked on, well, not letting that control me.

I spent a decade on the verge of panic, putting out fires, and trying to remain calm on the outside while my insides were wound as tightly as an over-torqued spring.

That roller coaster? I’m done with it.

If my instinct is to panic when you call? We can’t work together.

If you react before you have the facts? Nope. This won’t work.

If you show up at an 11 to every situation? Sorry. Wrong number.

If my defenses are up when you send me a message? Danger, Will Robinson.

I thrive in chaos. It’s fun. I love start-up madness, working as a close team, relying on each other, and solving problems.

I live for it.

But I have learned that there is a difference between growth and trust and fun chaos and, well, chaos chaos.

I’m saving the panic for real emergencies.

We’re living at a different pace and breathing deep all the time.

No shallow problems. No shallow breathing.

Let’s do this.


Founder & CEO at elletwo


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