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Ask L2: Should I accept a severance package?

Disclaimer: Identities are kept confidential. The advice given here should be taken at your own risk. If you are having true mental or physical issues, please seek professional assistance.

My role was eliminated and I don't know if I should accept the severance package that has been offered. Do you know of any reputable resources that could review and advise? This is in California. Thanks!


You always have the right to contact an employment attorney before accepting any severance, and I would recommend it. Severance agreements vary by state, and your rights as well as the employer’s requirements will depend on that and other federal laws.

I would also want to know what your hesitations are. If your severance agreement comes with a payout, you likely won’t get that without signing. Signing also often includes non-disparagement clauses and nondisclosure agreements, though recent changes to the rules governing those leave that a little muddy.

In any case, your best bet is to talk to an attorney who knows your state and can interpret the legalese in the document. I would see if you have access to any legal services through your benefits package or see what it costs to get a brief consultation with someone local.



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