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Ask L2: New Entrepreneur Feeling Alone

Updated: Jun 3

"When trying to find examples on how to build better at the start - I'm at a loss as I don't fit in with the 'business crowd' I'm seeing in the local groups . . . But I KNOW others like me are out there."

Disclaimer: Identities are kept confidential. The advice given here should be taken at your own risk. If you are having true mental or physical issues, please seek professional assistance.

I'm a new-ish entrepreneur, a total introvert, and want to expand.

Right now, I'm struggling with growth and growing into the vision I established - one that has received a lot of moral support from different local community groups. I'm completely bootstrapped and have no $$ to hire help now - I’m currently working on consistently paying myself.

What's worse is this nagging imposter syndrome and crippling fear/self-doubt. Also learning all about late-diagnosis Autism and ADHD and welp, I think I may have found my people. Being an introvert, I sit behind my monitors and do the little Dobby thing, hoping someone will gift me a sock to be free of introversion.

Do you have any material recommendations I can read/watch or people on LinkedIn to follow that were in a similar boat? When trying to find examples of how to build better at the start - I'm at a loss as I'm not a visible minority and don't fit in with the 'business crowd' I'm seeing in the local groups. I'm not blonde, skinny, beautiful, or male. I tried previously and was dismissed when I spoke up - it was humiliating and I won't return. But I KNOW others like me are out there and have awkwardly bumped into them. Hell, if you know any ND weirdos in Canada that would like to connect, I'm game!


Alright, so this is not about shameless self-promotion, but literally, everything that we’re building at elletwo is focused on basically just this. More than that, I think a lot of us who are forging our own path spend time looking for a manual to make it all easier when that’s just not how it works. It feels unfamiliar and lonely because IT IS unfamiliar and lonely. There isn’t a roadmap.

There are supportive groups that you can join or, heck, even build by showing up daily on whatever your socials are and being unabashedly yourself. It’s not instant, but it does work.

Most importantly, though, lean into the discomfort. There isn’t a mold to fit into. You’re creating it for the next set. You can (and maybe should) find coaches and communities to join that will have people who you can identify with, but don’t beat yourself up for feeling out of place. You’re BUILDING your place, and that’s an ongoing process. Also, I believe in you.



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16. März 2023

Thank you for sharing your story and the bravery behind showing your vulnerability. As an expert in beating myself up, and listening way, way, way too much to my own critic, what I refer to as the itty-bitty shitty committee, I sense you've got one of those too. At some point, we have to realize that we're being so mean and hard on ourselves. It is harmful and debilitating. I know .....I'm just coming out of it myself. One thing that is helping me is to begin confronting what the inner critic is saying to me at the moment, asking myself, "is this even true?" And EVEN if it is, if I totally lean into, listen or follow the advic…

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16. März 2023

Weirdo here! I’m in a similar situation trying to build a people first business in interior design. My goal is to harness all the “woo woo” - feng shui, geomancy, energy healing, space clearing, meta and the like, as part of offerings. I have found great community and am building my own as I meet architects, designers and other creatives on the journey.

I’m so sorry to hear about the abuses and mistreatments you’ve experienced. That is unacceptable in any industry but sadly becoming commonplace.

I’m an introvert and bootstrapping as well but would love to connect: linkedin/nicoleriv

Whatever you do don’t give up! As Glennon Doyle says we are the canaries in the coal mines. Or to use Luvvie…

Gefällt mir
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